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You know, when I murder someone, there's no creepy music.  Except in my head.


Amen to all that! (I confess I do watch the couple of "reality" dating shows that are currently on but I agree it is not the way to find a husband or wife. How can it be the real thing when it's all fake as they get to know each other? I don't believe the relationship will last after the show is over and they get to know the real people they both are, which will be quite different from the "show" people they looked like that were!)

Butt Rock Ken

[this is good] Check out Hulu.  You should be able to find something to your liking there.  Of course, unless you have your computer in your living room like we do, that could be a bit uncomfortable.


[this is good] A good rant it is.  It felt good even to experience it vicariously.  Thank you.

It's funny that you finish with a reference to your homemade soaps.  There's an implicit suggestion that one feels the need to bathe after dealing with all of that other crap.  That the soaps are handcrafted creative expressions is even better.

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