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It's kind of related, but go to the movies alone.  Pick your favorite type of movie, go see that genre's latest release.  Get soda, popcorn and/or candy.  Sit wherever you want in the theater.  I love seeing movies by myself, because since it's obviously a movie I picked, I don't have to worry if anyone else is enjoying it and if I lose movie-picking privileges if it isn't good.  I will ALWAYS have movie-picking privileges. :)

And also related, spend a day doing whatever you want.  Want to spend three hours in one store?  Absolutely! :)  Hang out in your pajamas?  Go right ahead.

shush now

There is a lot to be said about staying in your pajamas all day long and cooking the foods that you love but a significant other might not.  (Pasta with balsamic vinegar, red onions, and olives?  Why the hell not!  You're the only one smelling your breath!) 

Well, there's not a lot to be said about it, just this:  it's freaking awesome, and you should do it.  And read some trashy book you'd be embarrassed to be caught with, be it guilty pleasure young adult fiction or fluff or who knows what.


Well, I think it's kind of difficult to say.  I'm an Extrovert (with a capital E) as you well know so the worst are the days that I have absolutely nothing to do but stay in my house all day.  Eventually I find a way to get out, but those are the days that cost me money.  I go get coffee, stop by the knitting shop, go eat a Panera, etc.  I also have to make myself eat in a restaurant alone, or go to a movie alone.  Those always involve me wanting to talk to people, and the not having of the person to talk to makes life a bit rough.  My guess is that it won't be the same for you.  It's more like find the things you would do together, and create a plan for experiencing them alone.

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